Sunset Park Prep is a public middle school in Brooklyn, NY, serving over 500 students in grades 6-8. We have participated in Science Olympiad (“SciO”) since 2015. What began as a small after school club has grown and developed into a competitive team, with participating students in all three grades, and even 9th grade alumni.

Our students spend huge amounts of time exploring a vast array of STEM content, well beyond the scope of the middle school science curriculum. At practice, our students are reading, studying, testing, building, and performing experiments to learn new ideas. At tournaments, our students are putting their skills to the test in different science events. We compete against other schools from across the city and state to earn medals and trophies.

The pictures below offer just a small glimpse at the awesome work that these amazing students can do -
check out more pictures in our online resources! If you’re interested in learning how you can help us continue to achieve our goals, please reach out to Mr. Cordara on Facebook.